Breast Surgery in Turkey

Breast is one of the basic elements of self-confidence and beauty for women. Breast surgery can make women’s personal appearance feel better and healthier by making cosmetic changes in the body.

Many breast surgeries can be treated as outpatient. It may take only a few weeks for you to return to your work and normal daily life after  breast surgery. The recovery may take 3-6 months.

Breast Surgery

Considering risk factors and age, some women may be advised to have a mammography before breast surgery.

There are three general categories of cosmetic breast surgery applied to the breast(also called mammoplasty), breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction.

Breast Augmentation is the most preferred breast surgery for women. Breast augmentation is done to improve the appearance, size and circumference of the female breast. Women’s desire for breast augmentation may be due to different reasons. Some want to remove the defects caused by breastfeeding after pregnancy, some to correct asymmetry in the breasts, and some to enlarge their breasts, which they find small.

Before surgery, the patient’s expectations and desires are taken into consideration and the most appropriate chest size is decided. The next step is to choose the best implant according to the type of breast and need.

Implants may have different effects on the size and shape of new breasts. Each different implant can result in different outcome options for placement, cuts, shape, profile, and form. At the end of the process, it is tried to reach its natural appearance. Surgeons try to meet each patient’s need by matching the correct implant.

Breast augmentation is performed with implants placed under or above the chest muscle. The incision sites are appropriately selected by the plastic surgeon according to the characteristics of the body structure.

Breast augmentation can be completed within 1-3 hours depending on the scope.

Breast reduction surgery is performed to eliminate back and neck pain, drowsiness and weakness due to the weight of the chest of women with big and heavy mammals. Deformed, large breasts are the subject of this surgery.

Excess skin, fat and breast tissue are removed during this process, as a result the breasts become smaller and firmer.

Breast reduction can eliminate symptoms from large breasts.

In men, the development of localized fat or glandular tissue may cause breast reduction surgery.

Breast reconstruction surgery is often performed in women who undergo mastectomy for breast cancer treatment.

Breast reconstruction tries to recreate the breast with the desired appearance, contour and volume with the implants or the woman’s own tissue.

Our plastic surgeons in our clinic provide the most healthy and natural looking result by matching the demands of the patients with their needs and making them happy to return home.

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