Face Surgery in Turkey

Face surgery includes all kinds of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive interventions of all structures in the face, head and neck.

The causes of face surgery may be age progression, facial mismatch, illness, accident etc. The main purpose of face surgery is not to compare a person to someone he is not, but to return his face to the state it was 10-15 years ago. face surgery, if the dose is well adjusted and done properly, can provide a more beautiful and gentle aging of the person.

Face Surgery

Our face is the window of our body to the world. We communicate with other people with our face, we express our feelings with our face, the first thing that determines our views about other people is their facial expressions.

The signs of age progression appear first on our face. Healthy eating, sleeping regularly, living away from stress and sadness, doing regular sports, not smoking and drinking alcohol, drinking plenty of water, staying away from the sun and having a good genetic structure may delay aging, but aging is still inevitable.

In old age, one can feel young and energetic. But the fact that your face looks older than the soul may be the cause of unhappiness. Plastic Surgery operations, by providing harmony between people’s spirit and body, allows you to be more peaceful.

Cosmetic products are the first applications to delay facial aging. Plastic Surgery offers many operations and non-surgical procedures for problems that cannot be solved with cosmetic products.

Facial rejuvenation is a series of surgical and non-surgical procedures aimed at eliminating facial scars due to aging. These include face and neck lifting surgeries, eyelid surgeries, eyebrow and face straps, botox and filler applications, laser and chemical peeling procedures. The patient and the physician decide together which surgery or procedure to use.

Facial rejuvenation surgeries;

Upper face rejuvenation: Forehead, temples, eyebrows and upper eyelids are usually lifted for sagging. In this region, temple stretching, eyebrow lifting, eyebrow straps, upper eyelid surgery, botox applications, endoscopic and open forehead stretching operations are performed.

Mid-face rejuvenation: Corrected lower eyelid-cheek relationship, sagging cheek is moved up and soft tissue loss is compensated.

In this region, endoscopic midface lifting, lower eyelid surgery, midface lifting from the lower eyelid, midface straps, and fat injections procedures are applied.

Lower face and neck lift: The dangling face is lifted up, the skin plies on the jawbone are corrected, the excess fat in the neck is removed and the neck is stretched.

Face surgery is also applied in the areas mentioned below:

  • Full face rejuvenation
  • Endoscopic facial rejuvenation
  • Eye area aesthetics
  • Face fat injections
  • Face filling applications
  • Botox applications
  • Skin resurfacing process
  • Prostheses used on the face
  • Surgical treatment of migraine headaches
  • Correction of scoop ear (otoplasty)
  • Earlobe aesthetics
  • Silhouette lift

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