Liposuction in Turkey

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat from certain parts of the body. Liposuction, which is used in areas such as abdomen, hips, thighs, hips, hips, arms or neck, also shapes these areas (contours).

Liposuction is not a weight loss method. If you have excess weight, you can lose more weight with diet and exercise than this application.


If your body weight is fixed and you have too much body fat at certain points, you can be a candidate for liposuction.

Liposuction is used to remove fats from areas of the body that do not respond to diet and exercise. These areas of the body are usually the abdomen, upper arms, hips, calves and ankles, chest and back, hips and thighs, chin and neck. And this application is usually performed for cosmetic purposes, but is sometimes used in the treatment of certain conditions.

Lymphedema: A chronic or long-term condition in which excess fluid accumulates in tissues and causes edema or swelling, usually seen in the arms or legs. Liposuction can be used to reduce swelling, discomfort and pain.

Gynecomastia: If fat accumulates under a man’s chest, the fatty tissue of the breast can be removed by this method.

Lipodystrophy syndrome: If fat accumulates in one part of the body and disappears in the other part, this method can provide a more natural looking body fat distribution and improve the appearance of the patient.

In excess weight loss after obesity, this method can eliminate abnormalities in the skin.

Nowadays, all liposuction methods used in plastic surgery are applied in our clinic, these are:

Swelling: The most popular method. A few liters of saline solution, local anesthetic (lidocaine) and vascular constrictor (epinephrine) are pumped under the skin in the area to be absorbed, the oil is sucked through the small suction tubes.

Dry: No liquid is injected before degreasing and the risk of bruising and bleeding is higher. This method is rarely used today.

Ultrasound assisted (UAL): The cannula receives energy through ultrasound. Provides melting of oil with contact. Ultrasound vibrations detonate the walls of the fat cells. This facilitates absorption by emulsifying or fluidizing the oil.

Power assisted (PAS)>: Also known as electric liposuction. This method uses a special cannula that has a mechanical system that moves back and forth quickly, making it easier for the surgeon to withdraw fat.

Laser Assisted Lipolysis (LAL): This method requires the use of swollen liquid. A small tube is inserted through a small incision to give heat to the oil under the skin with laser energy.

General health condition of the person to be applied this method should be good. Although the procedure is performed under general anesthesia, local anesthesia can be applied in small areas.

In our clinic, state-of-the-art equipment is used for these methods.

Our surgeons choose the appropriate technique based on your treatment goal, the area of your body to be treated, and whether you have other liposuction procedures in the past, and ensure that you return home happily.