Nose Surgery in Turkey

Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. Nose surgery includes surgeries performed inside or outside the nose, for aesthetic or functional purposes. With nose surgery, facial harmony can be achieved and appearance can be improved by reshaping, healing, refining or reducing and augmenting.

Nose Surgery

In addition to cosmetic reasons, nose surgery can be performed for healing purposes. Some respiratory problems and chronic sinus infections can be treated with nasal septoplasty or endoscopic sinus surgery. In addition, birth defects or fractures, a wounded nose can be treated by performing a reconstructive procedure.

The nasal part of the nose (the tip of the nose) is the most important part of the nose in terms of cosmetic and breathing. Curved or flaccid nasal tip may cause problems such as breathing and sniffing. The complex anatomical structure and function of this area requires experience and careful work in nose surgery operations.

The base of the nose is the area seen from the bottom of your nose. This area may be problematic or broad for genetic or traumatic reasons. The width of the nose wings makes the nostrils and nose appear large. The complex anatomical structure of the area requires experience and careful study. Failure to perform the procedures correctly can have both cosmetic and functional results.

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Because it is located in the middle of our face, the nose is one of the first and most remarkable organs in our body. People’s problems with their noses vary from person to person, specific to the structure of the face. For this reason, nose surgeries should be designed and performed separately for the person and face.

Rhinoplasty technique to be applied to the nose is generally two kinds. It can be applied with a 1 cm incision applied to the tip of the nose or without incision outside the nose. Both techniques have advantages and disadvantages compared to each other. It is best for your doctor to decide which technique will be used in the procedure.

Rhinoplasty can be used to change the shape of the nasal base or nosebump, narrowing the nostrils and changing the angle between the tip of the nose and the upper lip, or removing the tip of the nose. In arched noses, the circumference of the nose is shaved and the back of the nose is made more aesthetic with the face, with this process the nose tip should be shaped according to the new nose structure.

Depending on the nature of the patient and the nose, rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and lower turbinate radiofrequency can be performed in the same surgery to remove bone obstruction in the nose, polyp enlargement that causes nasal obstruction, or respiratory obstruction that causes snoring.

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