Tummy Tuck in Turkey

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a cosmetic surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the abdomen. Tummy tuck helps flattening the abdomen by removing fatty tissues with the skin exces. Tummy tuck tightens the muscle, then the remaining muscle appears to be more toned.

Tummy Tuck

Abdomen is the region where the excess and permanent fat tissue accumulates the most. Fat tissue of this region is the most resistant to exercise and diet, this is the same both women and men. Tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgical procedure especially suitable for overweight people who have lost skin elasticity and for women whose skin and muscles are stretched due to pregnancy.

Those who want to have children again or who are overweight but want to lose a significant amount of weight should wait for this surgery.

Pregnancy, abdominal surgery, aging, your body type, and significant changes in weight can be the reason of excessive fat, loss of skin elasticity or weak connective tissue in your abdomen

Tummy tuck loosens excess skin and fat and tightens the weak fascia. With the tummy tuck, traces of tension and excess skin can be removed from the lower abdomen located under the navel.

Abdominoplasty procedure is performed by keeping the patient under general anesthesia. Usually two incisions are made. One is made from the hip bone to the hip bone on the other side of the body. The other is the incision around the navel, which is close to the groin area. With incisions, the skin is separated from the abdominal muscles, then the abdominal muscles are pulled together and sutured into place for a tighter waist and a tighter abdomen. The separated skin flap is then stretched over the newly stretched muscles to remove excess skin.

Then the navel is reattached to a position that looks natural, inserting the navel is very important for a natural looking belly. Then the incisions are closed and a sterile dressing is applied to the area where the procedure is performed. The abdominoplasty procedure may take from one to four hours to perform.

A tummy tuck treatment can be done in combination with other body contouring cosmetic procedures. If you’ve had liposuction from your abdomen, you may decide to have a tummy tuck since liposuction just removes the tissue under the skin and fat but not any excess skin.

Maintaining weight with a balanced diet and regular exercise will produce long-term results.

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